Agricultural Enterprise Fund Application

Please complete this application in full, and be aware that your answers will not save if you exit this tab. To submit, you must attach a business plan and proof of financing. For more information about those items, please reference the AEF Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any questions, please contact Will Freeman at 615-289-7955 or

Applicant Information

Business Legal Name
Doing Business As (if different)
Contact Person's First Name
Contact Person's Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
County in Which Project is Located

Project Overview

Please describe your current business. If this will be a new company or project, indicate here.
How does your planned project change your existing business?

Project Category

Please select the appropriate project category. Select which metric will appropriately measure the impact of your project and then discuss how your project will make an impact using that metric. You should select all categories and metrics that apply.

  Increase in Farm Income

This category is appropriate for projects that will increase farm income by offering farmers higher commodity prices than other markets, processing value-added products for farmers, or allowing a single farmer to add value to their own farm products.
How does the average commodity price compare to the price that the company can offer Tennessee farmers?
How does the project facilitate farmers adding value and direct marketing to consumers?
How many farmers will the project impact?
How does the project diversify a farm(s) or add an additional revenue stream(s)?

  Access to Markets

This category is appropriate for projects that will create or expand a market for Tennessee farmers, including reducing miles that farmers must transport their products to market or creating a new market entirely.
How does the project increase access to a market?
How many farmers will the project impact?
What impact will increased access have on local farmers?

  Increased Capacity

This category is appropriate for projects that will expand the capacity of an existing agricultural business, including their production capacity or the number of employees.
How does the project increase the capacity of a local business - in terms of additional employees, additional output, etc.?

  Agricultural Innovation

This category is appropriate for entrepreneurs who wish to market a new technological innovation with the potential to impact Tennessee agriculture.
How does the project facilitate the adoption of technology by farmers and what is the impact on the agricultural industry?
How many farmers will the project impact?
How will this innovation spur economic development?
Does the innovation increase profitability for farmers by creating efficiencies or reducing cost?

Add any additional metrics that may be appropriate for your project and discuss how your project will make an impact using that metric.

Project Impact

How will this project impact your local economy? You should discuss your county's economic status and how the project will contribute to local economic development. If applicable, please discuss how this project will impact other counties.
How many jobs will the project create, if any?
How will this project impact Tennessee agriculture? If applicable, will the project purchase commodities from Tennessee farmers or products and services from Tennessee businesses? What amount (in terms of percentage or in a specific amount)?

Financial Information


Please complete the budget form. Each line should contain one individual items or expenditure.

    $ .00

How much are you requesting in Agricultural Enterprise Fund money?
$ .00

How do you plan to use Agricultural Enterprise Fund grant money?
*AEF awards cannot be used for employee salaries or land purchases.
*AEF awards cannot exceed 25% of the project’s budget and can only be used to reimburse for items purchased after an AEF award is approved.

Sources of Funding

What are your other sources of funding? Include your own contributions, financing, other grants, and any other sources of funding.

    $ .00

Project Timeline

Describe the timeline of your project. Include major milestones like groundbreaking, grand opening, full capacity production, etc.

Attachments and Submission

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am awarded an Agricultural Enterprise Fund grant, I will comply with all AEF requirements, submit project updates, and work with State of Tennessee officials to track the impact of my project on the local economy.

Also by submitting this application, I affirm to the adherence of the following guidelines and procedures:
  1. Applicant must utilize equipment and structures reimbursed with cost share funds for the intended purpose of the program for a minimum of five (5) continuous years from date of purchase.
  2. Site visits relating to the performance of the project before, during, and after completion may take place.
  3. Applicants may be required to repay funds if they fail to comply with all aspects of the cost share guidelines.

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