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Queen Bee Farm

Michael Rehker
3649 Trousdale Lane
Columbia, TN   38401  (Maury County)

Phone: (none listed )
E-mail: info@QueenBeeFarm.com
Web: http://www.QueenBeeFarm.com


Region: Middle

Method of Sale: Wholesale, Retail, On Farm Sales, E-Commerce, Farmers Markets

Additional Information

We are a sustainable, permaculture family farm located in beautiful middle Tennessee, on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. There is no monoculture here. We maintain a diversified, naturally cultivated farm where our animals graze on properly rotated pastures and woodlands and are humanely treated in every way possible. Farm life is what we've come to know and love. We focus on small quality livestock such as honey bees (our primary focus), elderberry syrup, small batch herbal teas, Nigerian dwarf & minimancha dairy goats and heritage breed chickens...as well as gardens, a small growing orchard, farm-to-table food and our all natural skincare line of products. We strongly believe in being as sustainable as possible, while being diversified in what we raise, grow and harvest on our farm. At Queen Bee Farm, we are proud to take great care of our animals and land alike, by making sure our biological systems remain diverse and productive.

Queen Bee Farm strives to minimize the ecological, social and ethical footprint of our products by selecting sources that are sustainably grown and harvested, non-GMO, organic or fair trade compliant. Being a small family farm, we have committed ourselves to leaving the earth a little greener and cleaner than we have found it. Letting mother nature do what she does best. And in the process, leaving a bunch of goodness behind.

NEW from Queen Bee Farm: Moody Witch Tea Company - Made from the freshest ingredients that are hand harvested, carefully dried, and thoughtfully packaged, so you know they're the freshest thing short of taking a cup of hot water out to the field and dropping herbs in it.

For our honey, elderberry syrup and skincare products, please visit www.QueenBeeFarm.com
Facebook: @QueenBeeFarmTN
Instagram: @QueenBeeFarmTN
Email us at info@QueenBeeFarm.com

For all of our herbal teas, please visit www.MoodyWitchTea.com
Facebook: @MoodyWitchTea
Instagram: @MoodyWitchTea
Email us at moodywitchtea@gmail.com

And check out our online shop for our wildflower and clover honey direct from the beehives on our farm, as well as our homemade elderberry syrup, herbal teas and all natural skincare products: http://QueenBeeFarm.etsy.com

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