Online Outdoor Burning Permit Application 
for the State of Tennessee
Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry 

Click below on the county you will be burning in: 
SevierShelbySmithStewartSullivanSumnerTiptonTrousdaleUnicoiUnionVan Buren
Legend: Black=Allowed, Yellow=Restricted(by phone only), Red=Not allowed, Lt.Gray=N/A (never allowed), Blue=Additional info.   
If you are burning within a municipality, please check local ordinances before proceeding with this burn permit application.
T.C.A 39-14-306(c): "The provisions of this section shall not apply to fires which may be set within the corporate limits of any incorporated town or city which has passed ordinances controlling the setting of fires."

Please note: Restricting burn permit issuance is not a burn ban. Burn bans can only be proclaimed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, in consultation with the state forester and county mayors on a county basis, or by the governor, generally on a regional or statewide basis. Such bans carry more significant punishments when violated than burning without a permit. Such bans also prohibit other forms of open-air burning such as cooking fires and campfires.