Online Outdoor Burning Permit Application 
for the State of Tennessee
Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry 

Burn permits may be obtained through this web site for burning of individual leaf
or brush piles approximately 8 feet by 8 feet or smaller in size.

For forestry (understory, site prep), agricultural (crop stubble, field clearing),
wildlife (habitat, warm season grasses), land clearing (dozer piles, windrows) or other burning,
call the number listed for your county and speak with a
Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry
representative to request a permit.

This site is available to issue permits, when conditions permit, Oct. 15 - May 15, 8AM - 11PM.

Burning permits served through this website are authorized
by the State Forester pursuant to T.C.A. 39-14-306.

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